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Is your utility trying to reduce customer churn?

Register for on demand access to this 3-part utility industry Data Strategies Discussion to gain expert insight on how self-service visual data analytics are providing predictive insight for winning and retaining customers in an increasingly contested market.

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What's included?

You will gain insight on the energy and utility industry data strategies which are enabling:
  • Predictive analytics for customer churn
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Revenue via new value-add services

Is your utility organisation competing to win?

Trying to reduce customer churn?

Trying to optimise cost to serve?

Feel like you could get more insight out of your data?

Perspectives on harnessing data

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We've spoken with 3 experts

We spoke with experts across energy, utilities, digital transformation and visual data analytics to provide you with access to reliable research and case study insights. Register to watch these discussions on demand and you will hear from the Energy and Utilities Industry Strategy Director at Salesforce, the former CIO of Hydro Tasmania and Momentum Energy and a Visual Data Analytics Solutions Lead at Tableau.

A CIOs perspective

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Having these insights will allow you to drive the right discussions for minimising customer churn through predictive analytics and reducing cost to serve by ensuring customer service agents have the insights and information they need at the right times.

An industry exclusive discussion with Tableau and Salesforce, available on demand now

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