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Modern Data Security Strategies Against Cyber Threats And Attacks

Register for 3 expert roundtable recordings and gain insight from 9 of Australia's most reputable Cyber and Information Security experts on modern strategies for defending against cyber threats and attacks.

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What's included?

You will gain insight on the strategies which are having an impact, including:
  • Cyber Security beginning in the C-Suite
  • Cyber Maturity being a continuum
  • Unique risks associated with Cloud
  • 5 pillars to effective training and awareness
  • Limitations of Penetration Testing

Does your organisation rely on cloud services to operate and transfer data?

Unsure if the IT Department has all security bases covered?

Wish employees were less likely to make avoidable mistakes when opening emails and working online?

Interested in what the experts are saying about becoming prepared for a cyber crisis?

Perspectives on transforming Cyber Security

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We've spoken with 9 experts

9 of Australia's most reputable Cyber and Information Security experts unpack the proven fundamentals to measuring, prioritising and improving digital security posture so data can be safeguarded, reputations aren't unnecessarily put at risk and cyber crisis readiness is achieved.

Proven strategies to avoid an executive stand down

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Having these insights will allow you to ask the right questions of your executive peers to ensure your organisation's reputation, and yours, isn't unnecessarily put at risk because of oversight or bad digital security practices.

Access answers from experts

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"We ask the most relevant and important questions to provide you with the insights and answers you need to bolster real world decision making and elevate thought leadership."

Sally A Illingworth, Interviewer, The Reboot Show